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No worries about thieves, keep your mind on the travel


One of the biggest worries travelling is to be able carry important documents and money with you comfortably and safely. Inside a room, one is usually pretty safe; but when getting out, perhaps for a leisure walk for local sightseeing, where does one keep cash and documents?

Travelling in foreign places would require that the passport be carried along for identification too. Bulky wallets or bags are a bother and they are not very safe. Lugging a large bag or a purse everywhere one goes makes it a chore. It is rather easy for a someone with ill-intent to just make a slash on the back pocket or the slings of the purse and make off with everything you hold dear. Tourists in crowded places, trains and buses are increasingly easy targets.


What is needed is something compact, easy to carry and can withstand the onslaught of smart thieving methods. Ideally, this should not only hold cash and documents but possibly squeeze in the camera, keys and other small items. PouchSafe 125 is a lightweight, anti-theft travel pouch and is large enough to hold personal items.


According to the manufacturers, the PouchSafe 125 has an adjustable strap which is “slashproof”, made of stainless steel wires and a pouch weighing about 90 gms made up of stainless steel wire mesh within the fabric. Additionally, the flap as a special hook, thus not allowing prying hands inside easily. This is of good use to the day trekker, the biker, the cyclist and the street shopper too.
Another item to add to make your travel safe and take you mind back to having fun.

First Published forĀ The Hindu Traveller




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