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Large Screen Entertainment or Quick Business Presentation, within your pocket


Few entertainment options are available to the tourist when sometimes travel takes an unwanted pause. For example, it may rain suddenly and one gets stuck in the room with no television due to power loss. In such situations, one is left wondering how to spend the next few hours, especially if there are very active children along.

Imagine a very different scenario where you find yourself conversing with someone who seems be a potential customer and would benefit you by showing them some relevant information immediately.

Real problems and an ideal travel solution would be one that tackles both situations. The Brookstone Compact 85-Lumen Pocket Projector may be the right candidate.

Brookstone Compact 85-Lumen

Small enough to fit into your pocket, able to project up to 60 inches diagonally and connect to any device that supports HDMI like smartphones, tablets, computers, camcorder etc. it opens up a variety of reasons to justify carrying this additional gadget. The keen business person can link this to a smartphone and project a presentation on a wall, taking advantage of the opportunity available and displaying preparedness. A parent, on the other hand, can run a fully HD movie that will keep them and their kids engrossed. The photographer or adventurer can share exciting moments with friends or companions.


Specifications mention that the Brookstone Compact 85-Lumen Pocket Projector has a 3800 mAh rechargeable battery that can be charged to run 2 hours at a stretch, built in 2 x 1W speakers, focus control and also the ability to act as a battery backup to smartphones or smaller devices.
So load up your phones on those movies, pictures or presentations; the next time on there will be no waste of good time or opportunities lost.

First Published forĀ The Hindu Traveller

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