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The Garmin Fenix 2 all rounder watch


Garmin is not at all a stranger to producing cool gadgets. They provide a vast array of products for GPS navigation, activity trackers and technology for multiple sports and fitness activities.

Garmin fēnix™ 2

Garmin fēnix™ 2

We here are of course looking at a product that would benefit the traveller, perhaps a more adventurous one, is wearable, utilitarian and looks great while doing all these things. The Fenix 2 claims to be a “fully featured training watch for multisport athletes”, but let us see what does it have that would make it beneficial for the traveller

1. Tracks distance, pace and heart rate – Not the most primary need however is a great thing to have for those travellers who like doing slightly more energetic activities. I like to cycle and run; many of my trips are for the purpose of cycling or running, so these would definitely be great features to have.
2. High-sensitivity GPS positioning, 3-axis compass with altimeter and barometer – This would be one of the features that would appeal to all kinds of travellers. From the adverture mountain climber to the wanderer would like to track their position. For those who are more adventurous these are extremely important features to have.
3. Smart Notification – This is a wonderful feature, truly enhancing this device and making it smart. The smart notification receive emails, texts and alerts right on your watch. This however still does need to use the wireless signal device like the iPhone and reduces the benefit of this feature tremendously. It would have been wonderful to provide a method to have internet connectivity built in within the watch.

And what else is this cool watch supposed to have?

1. Temperature Sensor
2. Built to Endure the Roughest Conditions
3. Bluetooth Support
4. Advanced Fitness Metrics
5. HRM-Run monitor adds data for cadence, ground contact time and vertical oscillation
6. Uploads to Garmin Connect and BaseCamp for live tracking and sharing

This device is USB as well as AC chargeable.

At nearly USD 400, this is an expensive product but definitely worth it for those travellers who feel the need of its features. It is also a cool looking gadget to own.

More information can be found at Garmin’s website.

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