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Everything in its place, organised, as it should be.


A traveller, wayfarer or business, has to contend with the multitude of digital devices, personal effects and numerous cables. Almost everyone of us will get into a situation when digging into the bag to try find the one evasive USB storage stick or cable; and find oneself tangled in what seem to be millions of wires, from electronic device chargers to ear plugs. Then of course, there are other areas in the bag providing similar situations with nail clippers, medicines, shampoo and soap sachets etc. Being the law of nature to happen when least wanted, these situations are definitely made to frustrate the weary and drive one up the wall.

Imagine a life of travel without having to repeatedly sort out entangled wires or finding that key exactly where it was put it in the bag. The way out would be a simple method of organisation within your luggage. Grid IT! organiser from Cocoon gives you a simple method to organise all the smaller items carried around while travelling. The organiser is a weave of rubberised elastic bands that can be adjusted to hold objects firmly in place. The weave allows arranging items without restriction to a few set sizes making it convenient for different types of devices and gadgets.


The Grid IT! organiser comes sized to fit in a laptop bag or a travel case hence can be slid in or out in any decent sized bag or luggage. It might also useful to organise even smaller sized clothing like handkerchiefs, innerwear or socks. One or two such organisers might be just enough to manage all personal effects firmly and in place.

First Published forĀ The Hindu Traveller




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