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For anyone on the road one of the biggest worry is the possibility of the phone to run out of power. There are also a bunch of other items that one carries when travelling that seem to run out of steam at the worst time possible. The camera starts indicating a low battery when you are positioned to take that perfect picture or the iPad shuts down right when you are at the page of a book about to reveal a surprise. For the business traveller, there are times when one wishes they had five minutes more of juice just so that that very important mail can be sent. Power outlets are difficult to locate when one needs them.


It would be a boon to have a handy item that can get one back online and the Solio Bolt Battery Pack and Solar Charger might be just that thing. The device is charged using a power outlet or by USB and can be used whenever one of your other important electronic items run out of charge by connecting the USB charger of the electronic device to the Solio Battery Pack. The product specifications say that the Solio Bolt Battery Pack can hold 5 Watts of power and can charge a normal Smartphone from zero to full power in about 3 hours .

A nifty feature is that the Solio Bolt also has a solar charger, in case one forgets to charge Battery Pack before getting out it can still be charged by the sun. It takes about 4 hours to get charged using an outlet and about 8 hours by solar. Small and compact, pack it in your bags the next time you are travelling.


First Published for The Hindu Traveller




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