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Badrinath and Kedarnath


In the month of October 2012, that time Badrinath and kedarnath were safe, unfortunately in the month of June 2013 , both places has ruined due to heavy rain and landslide. Kedarnath valley had much effected then other place, lots of people had died and it was heart breaking moment for them.Now situation is under control there.

Ok let’s talk about our trip which has been started in the month of October 2012. One day my few friends came to my shop and discussed about trekking or travel, suddenly an idea came in my mind and I told to my friends about it. And the idea was to travel towards BadrinathKedarnath. My friends were going there for first time, however I have visited there once and I was going to get opportunity once again to visit there.

I had visited there in 2005, now I was going to visit there with my friends. There were six people. They got ready to join me for visiting in the last time. I asked my one friend to arrange a vehicle for us; he arranged a vehicle by which we could go. We all friends were very excited about our journey, every day we were discussing about journey like arrangement, accommodation, and Share money, how much fare will be paid by one person??? Finally we decided Rs3000 each.

After couple of days we were on the way to Kedarnath, while we were going, that time we stayed Baijnath for a while, the place is most noted for its ancient temples. There is a famous Baijnath Mandir (Lord Shiva) on the bank of the Gomti River, spending some time there we passed towards next destination, it was Gwaldam. It is a border line of Kumaun and Garhwal. From there Garhwal has started and we had our lunch there. After lunch we were descending down towards Pindar river and we were going along its bank towards Karnpryag where Pindar river and Alkanda river got confluence and this is the river which goes further and Alaknada river and meets Bhagirathi river in Dev prayag from there it’s called holly Ganga River.

Dusk was falling as we reached in Rudra Prayag, we crossed the bridge, now we were going along the bank of Mandakini River which was coming from backside of Kedarnath valley. Around 8Pm we reached at Guptkashi and decided to spend night there. Next morning we got up early in the morning because still we had to go 33 km by road to reach Gaurikund. We reached Gaurikund afternoon, it was base camp for trek to Kedarnath and we decided to spend some time there because from there we had to trek 14 Km πŸ™‚ before starting trek, we heard about Tapt Kund (hot spring) which was at Gaurikund.

We were eager to take a bath in that kund πŸ™‚ We enjoyed bath and now started trekking towards Kedarnath. During trekking our one friend was making joke, we all were listening and laughing. After trekking two hour we reached Rambada, we were feeling a bit exhausted, we achieved only half way πŸ™‚ still half way to go πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ we were dying from hunger, we didn’t take anything since morning except tea πŸ™‚ we took tea with some biscuit.

When were climbing up from Rambada, Suddenly weather has changed now sun shine turned into cloud and it started raining, as we were climbing up, now we had to face rain πŸ™‚ only rain !!! Now after a few minute oh my God what we have seen!! As we expected from mountain, it started Snow fall and we were trekking continuesly that moment was enjoyable with some trouble, we wetted fully and it was dangerous condition for us. We were praying to God to save us πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

after few minutes snow fall has stopped now we could see a white sheet of snow as far as we could see and we were shivering with cold. After trekking four hour we reached Kedarnath temple but soon it was time for the sun to set, so, we quickly booked two rooms at guest house and paid Rs300 per room.

Actually we were visiting on off season so, we got discount otherwise if we had visited on season time there we would have to pay around Rs1500 per room. We stayed next to temple so; we went inside the temple we saw live praying. It was refreshing for us, after spending some time there, we came back to our rooms and went to bed because we felt exhausted. We got up early in the morning, it was very cold morning, and we paid Rs50 for ten litre hot water πŸ™‚

Next morning weather was clear and view was awesome, we were very close to glacier and seeing it first time to closely.
Now we were descending down towards Gaurikund, we saw a bird, Name of this bird was The Himalyan Monal , and it is the state bird of Uttarahand and Himanchal. We took three hour to descend.Now we were on the way to Badrinath, it was our second destination, when we were travelling by sumo taxi, we reached Joshimath by night, we travelled via Ukhimath, Chopta, Gopeshwar and chamoli.

We decided to spend our night in Joshimath and booked rooms there. Next morning we left towards Badrinath along with bank Alkananda River. That time road condition was not good, there was landslide due to heavy rain but we were fortunate πŸ™‚ we haven’t trapped any landslide πŸ™‚ we reached Badrinath temple after driving two hour, it is the most important of the four sites in India’s Char Dham pilgrimages and gets its name from the Holy temple of Badrinath.

We went inside the temple and felt refreshing, after spending some time there, we went towards Mana village. It was last village of India. It was only four Km far from Badrinath. We visited main parts of Mana village like Bhimpool, Vyaas gupha and Took tea at last tea stall πŸ™‚ hardly we were moving mana village suddenly weather has changed and it started raining, we were afraid of heavy rain, if we had trapped once there we would get trouble for some days πŸ™‚

So, we tried to escape from there asap πŸ™‚ and came back Joshimath. Suddenly I remembered about Auli. Auli is an important ski destination in the Uttarakhand and also known as a Auli Bugyal. It was only 14Km far from Joshimath and situated straight height.

We decided to go there and left, after driving 45 minutes we reached Auli, the view was awesome however that time weather was cloudy so we couldn’t see mountain πŸ™‚

After spending few hour there, now we left for Gopeshwar and spent night there. Next morning we started back to our home. It is our unforgettable trip for us because last year both places have ruined due to nature disaster . The entire journey was around 800 Km to fro totally.








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