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The Kausani Rudradari falls short trek


Last year I went to Kausani more than a few times, and this kausani trip was one of them. This time Dr. Ajay Kumar a neighbour (Now he stays in New Tehri) and a doctor at the base hospital outside which I man a pharma chemist shop, wanted to do something over the weekend. I offered him the idea to visit Rudradhari falls near Kausani and which he did and the coming Sunday was fixed to make that trip.

Someshwar valley !

Someshwar valley

It was August, the mid of the rainy season which meant that the season made the surrounding become one single but beautiful stretch of green, as was the entire valley on our way to Kausani.

Katli village !!

Katli village

Kausani is 55 KM far from Almora. Starting around 10 am with Dr. Ajay, we started our journey on our motorcycle, since it is a convenient transport for two people. Dr. Ajay was riding and I on the pillon behind him and enjoying the journy.



The rains bring about a change in scenery that is a very welcome change from the early dry summer where the ground runs dry and yellow becomes the predominant colour. During the rains, Someshwar valley becomes an beautiful attraction by itself, where the road follows next to the Kosi river and the valley has been sowed with fresh Wheat crops. We has to stop there for a while and experience the harmony between that of nature and man created fields.The surrounding range of green hills pose mesmerizing view before one who passes through the valley.

Kosi river

Kosi river

We reached a place called Katli village sometime in the afternoon. Katli village it was last area where one can go by bike or any other vehicle. From there on, about 2 kms of dense forests have to be trudged on foot.

way to Rudrahari falls

Way to Rudrahari fall

We did not find many humans on our way however we saw lots of birds as we were moving to our destination next to the bank of the KOSI River. Just after about half an hour of walking, we reached Rudradhari falls.

way to katli village

Way to Katli village !

Rudhadhari falls is a natural attraction here and there are many ancient caves that are unexplored in the nearby areas. Many of these caves may also have hosted the saints and yogis who tended to stay away in such isolated places to do their meditation and to stay away from the distractions of the world.

The falls begin here joining some small springs flows down the valley as the Kosi river. This falls may be the mouth of the Kosi river.

Kosi River !

Kosi River

A Shiva Temple is situated close to the water falls.

Shiva Temple !

Shiva Temple

We thought about meeting the swami or priest of the Shiva temple, who unfortunately was away at that time.

Spending a few moments in solitude we started our journey back to our homes.

With Ajay kumar

With Ajay kumar

We reached home by evening at Almora, however we were fully drenched by rains that has started pouring again on our way back.

Other things to do:

Read our article on Kausani to learn more about the place and what can be done there.

Getting there:

The usual route to get to Kausani is to reach Kathgodam from Delhi by road and then make your way via Bhowali and Almora following the Kosi river by the beautiful lush green Boraro valley to finally reach Kausani. The only way after Kathgodam to Kausani is by road.

Kausani is 139 kms from Kathgodam and 52 kms from Almora.

Best time to Visit:

April to June and September to November are the tourist seasons. Be warned that the Himalayas are not usually visible during May and June due to forest fires and July-August are full of heavy rains that cause landslides.

The best views are obtained during the winter months November to March, where the temperature may fall to below zero.

Where to Stay:

There are plenty of hotels in Kausani for different budgets.

The Anashakti Ashram offers cheap housing but the visitor is expected to adhere to their discipline.

The KNVM lodgings are simple, neat and affordable.




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