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Nepal – My first journey in to the Himalayan Country – In three parts – Part Two

  •  On 08 Oct 2013 -: Early Morning we got up and washed up. After Taking breakfast we left to International Airport, we had to check in till 9:30 am. First time we were keen to see the terminal3 (Whole international flight departure from there). Wow airport is made very nit and clean inside the airport we inquired about Indigo counter, we got boarding passes after taking some formalities, our one friend name recommended by computer for custom check in however it is normal check in Munna was the lucky person.Me and Shudhir getting busy doing another formalities like Immigration, security related issues etc. After clearing whole securities issues we got there where wanted to be we were dreaming for last month still Munna was missing and after sometime he reached there too.
  • Bhaktapur Durbar Square (Kathmand
  • Now we roamed inside airport there are many retailer shop, selling to expansive product then outside shop. We didn’t buy anything from there, waiting for departure at Gate no.24.Our flight exactly Tacked off at 11:05 Am from Delhi to Kathmandu. Inside the flight Airhostess of flight selling meal, coffee, tea, beer etc they are asking each person “ Sir would you like to buy” during journey As same asked to us I asked for two cup of coffee because Sudhir preferred to buy one cane Beer. After flying 1 hour 30 minute we landed at TIA (Tribhuwan International Airport) Kathmandu, Nepal. Kathmandu biggest main city of Nepal it is Capital of Nepal, Nepali language speaks there hence Hindi language also known very well as well speaks
  • DSCN0292

    Praying at Pasupati nath temple

  • Out side the Airport my Friend Santosh subedee was waiting for us because we communicated him about our travel schedule. First time I was going to meet him because I searched him through Facebook and made best friend. I embraced him as a Nepali culture he called me DAI (Elder Brother) and taking us Hotel room where he has already booked three bad room at Thamel Situated middle of Kathmandu city we paid INR 1000 per night. It is very crowded street and very busy transportation even we had to face many situation where travelling issues. Santosh Took us a shop where we were about to test first time TUMBA (It is fermented Maduwa keeps inside dark covered area around 7-8 days). When served TUMBA in front of us we didn’t get how to take it. Santosh demonstrated how to take it, first you have to pour warm water into Tumba and taking deep ships until it is emptied. Taking TUMBA gives some alcoholic touch but as we were told it is not harmful for body We enjoyed TUMBA ♥♥‏



    • On 09 Oct 2013 -: Next day morning before Santosh came at our room Sudhir and Munna Brought two Pasmina Saul for his mother each cost was INR 600, Santosh taking us PASUPATI NATH TEMPLE which is situated at Near Gausala, wow we felt refresh after visiting inside temple because we wished to visit there. After visiting temple santosh advised us that he wants to take us Sanga where lord Shiva’s longest statue was made couple of year before and got eager to visit there and did as same as santosh advised. When we were getting return to City Santosh shown his willingness to take us his room where he is residing we obeyed his request and went to his room with bag and baggage where planed to celebrate our presence brought chicken, salad of course our favorite RUM ♥♥ we finished two bottle of wine we were talking each other but don’t know what was the topic because…….. and slept ♥♥



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