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Nepal – My first journey in to the Himalayan Country – In three parts – Part Three

  •  On 10 Oct 2013 -: Vomiting has started of mine early morning ♥♥ One time…two time ohh my God We had to get bus for Pokhara at 6:30AM but I was feeling nausea to travel but determined whatever my condition I’ll defiantly travel to Pokhara and started travelling towards Pokhra. We reached at Pokhara evening some hotel broker were trying to trap us and finally we went to lake side area with a broker who promised he’ll provide cheap and good room as we wished and hotel’s room was good and FEWA LAKE was just some foot steps ahead to us. Getting formalities we took shower and hired a cap for INR 5000 who take us select place which is not more than 100km is it to expansive??? Yes it is expansive if you wish to visit Nepal please go by your own vehicle.In evening I called to Mahima Shrestha (She is local girl) as she knew about my journey that I am going to visit there soon. She surprised when heard that I am in her city (Pokhara). She was about to meet us next morning and going to take us various place.


    Pokhra City

  • On 11 Oct 2013 -: My cell phone rang early morning at 4:30 AM caller was our taxi driver coming to take us Sarankot for showing sun rise. Sarankot is located at uphill from the city where you can see whole Himalayan range and Pokhara valley told us it is specially famous for Sun rise and Paragliding it is only place from where you can do Paragliding activities. Unfortunately that morning was cloudy sky and we couldn’t see anything and returned to hotel room for preparing next destination of course to meet Mahima.


    Sun rising at Sarangkot (Pokhra)

    At 9:00 am I reached that place where we were about to meet to Mahima after waiting 15 minute she was appearing to come towards us that time she was looking gorgeous with her pink dress that was my first meeting with her I have only seen her pictures on Facebook before.
    Then decided where she wants to take us first went to a local cave there were lots of Bats living inside the cave. After that visited another cave actually I was enjoying her company and thinking she came to meet us without knowing who we are because I didn’t meet each other face to face it was first time when we were meeting. Till afternoon we decided to have lunch and I left everything for Mahima some steps ahead Mahima shown restaurant where we were going to have lunch.


    Enjoying Nepali meal !!

    After having lunch Mahima took us Shanti Stupa. It is situated upside of valley. We spent much time with Mahima I asked about her routine life she told me everything what I wanted to know about her and she also interested to know about my life I answered.
    After spending few hours there we were getting back to Pokhara and finally it was time to say GOOD BYE to Mahima we dropped off her at Lake Side area. We came back our hotel room rest of day spent at room and planning for next day programme, that time season of festival whole Nepali people was busy for celebrating Dashera festival. It is one of the biggest festival of Nepal.
    While we are having our dinner I decided to get back to India because it was creating trouble for us, transportation facility was not good in Nepal during festival they charge as much as they can charge so we booked bus tickets paid double fare.


    Fewa lake

  • On 12 Oct 2013-: After checked out we went to restaurant where we were having dinner during that period restaurant owner was made our friend as we were about to leave afternoon from there so he insisted on taking us a Taal Barahi temple which is situated at middle of Fewa lake and we agreed. We visited to this ancient temple indeed it is nice temple letter he took us bus station and were going to travel 18 hours nonstop from there to Mahendrnagar (It is situated at India border line).It was our overnight journey however road condition was good as we didn’t expect

  • On 13 Oct 2013-: We reached at Mahendrnagar at 7am morning after that we came to Indian border by bus, walked 15 minute on foot to cross border Finlay we arrived Banbasa (India) there we booked a hotel for taking some rest. After fleshing up we decided to visit Purnagiri Temple, we left for our next destinationJ Purnagiri temple is situated 35 km from banbasa there are lots of convenience to reach there you can hire taxi our other services also available to reach there. We went there by taxi and walking 3 km on foot we reached at temple.
    Evening time we visited at Bramdev mandi Nepal (It is a small market where lots of Indian goes to buy clothes) where Sudhir brought a jacket then we got back to Banbasa, stayed night there.


    Underground River (Seti) !!

  • On 14 Oct 2013-: At 9am we checked out hotel room and arrived at bus station for leaving to Haldwani. We got Roadways bus and stared our journey towards our last destination from where we started our journey our HOME .We arrived at Haldwani and I brought some sweets for my parents and leaving to Almora by taxi. We arrived at Home evening time and telling about our journey to our parents and neighbour also.




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